Creative Writing

We all know the power of a good story. Even a simple narrative can serve to convey facts, moods and concepts with much greater impact than dry exposition. Stories draw people in and create interest and attachment. Storytelling is one of our best and most versatile tools of communication.

But telling a well-crafted story is not easy. And if done poorly, the damage can be greater than just a lost opportunity – people remember the bad storytelling just as well as they do the good.

Scripturus would like to help you tell your story, whether the focus is on the story itself – you might be producing a video game, a documentary, a transmedia product, or any other creative project – or the story is to serve as a vehicle for a product, a service or an idea. As an experienced author, I can bring your message to life in precisely the way that you want, and in a number of different forms and styles: Fiction, poetry, ad copy, or any other form.

It should go without saying (but unfortunately does not) that all my material will be 100% original and free of plagiarism.

Previous Work

In February 2013, I was a member of the Media/Communications team for the Austrian Space Forum's ambitious MARS2013 simulation, with particular responsibility for writing news updates on the mission blog.

You can also find examples of my fiction writings on my personal blog.


Rates for creative writing can vary considerably depending on the details of the specific project. The professional minimum rate begins at $0.05/€0.04/£0.04/DKK0.30 per word (exclusive of 25% VAT where applicable). Please enquire with details about your specific project for a further discussion and a quote.