W. B. Yeats, The Second Coming – English to Danish

Excerpt from Jakob Wassermann, Engelhart Ratgeber – German to Danish

Game Development

The Vampire Lord of Valea Noapte – a game about vampires (Ludum Dare 33)

Dezinformatsiya – a game about disinformation and the media (Ludum Dare 32)

A More Perfect Union – a user mod for the 4X/grand strategy game Stellaris by Paradox Interactive

Short Fiction

See examples at my writing blog

Papers and Essays


"Kærr kaisara, klúss Petrusi" – Personal and dynastic relations during the reigns of Conrad II and Cnut the Great – Cand.mag. thesis, University of Copenhagen, Oct 2014

Inquisitors and Scribes – Mikhail Bakhtin and the Languedoc Inquisition – University of York, April 2009

The Origins and Reception of the ‘Medical Canons’ of the Fourth Lateran Council University of York, April 2009

Conflict or Accommodation? Perceptions of Ethnicity in the Letters of Sidonius Apollinaris – University of York, January 2009


The European Court of Justice in the Context of the Free Movement of Persons: Judicial Activism or Building “An Ever Closer Union”? – King's College London, August 2011

Graphical and Layout Work

Hunter S. Thompson's My Day on a Plate – Satire on the My Day on a Plate meme

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